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Welcome to The Red Buffalo’s Road

Two young boys with their buffaloes in the rice fields of Vietnam

Two boys with their buffalo in Vietnam

Hello and welcome to The Red Buffalo’s Road, I’m so glad you are here. I can’t wait to tell you all about this very special corner of the world.  This corner of Southwestern China is called Yunnan. It’s pretty rural, very interesting and quite unlike what you’d ever imagine China to be like. My husband and I love to travel off the beaten track and because of that we have gotten to see a part of the world still rich with its original culture. There are 25 different ethnic minority tribes in Yunnan province; the second most diverse part of the country. Yunnan borders Tibet, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam making it an amazing gateway to Southeast Asia.

While you are here you can read about our daily lives as an expats in Asia; you can explore our stories of the places we have traveled to; and you can lose yourself in the tales of our artisans who create the raw materials I use in our online store – Red Buffalo Trading.

This little corner of Asia is quite a special one, it’s definitely one of my favourite corners of the world.  We love it here and invite you to come explore and share it with us!

Rice terraces in Yuan Yang, Yunnan province Southwestern China

Yuan Yang’s ancient rice terraces

The red buffalo's road - exploring the grass plains of Tagong Eastern Tibet

The grass plains of Tagong, Eastern Tibet

A buddhist temple in Tagong Eastern Tibet - The red buffalo's road

Kham women walking around a temple in Tibet

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